Things to do in laguna philippines

What is famous in Laguna?

10 Best Laguna Tourist Spots

  • Pagsanjan Falls/Cavinti Falls.
  • Rizal Shrine.
  • Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery.
  • Pila Heritage Site.
  • Villa Escudero.

Where can I go in Laguna overnight?

  • Hidden Valley Springs in Calauan.
  • Seven Lakes of San Pablo City. Recommended Hotels in San Pablo, Laguna. …
  • Villa Escudero in San Pablo City. …
  • Pagsanjan Falls. …
  • Underground Cemetery in Nagcarlan.
  • Dalitiwan River in Majayjay.
  • Costales Nature Farm in Majayjay.
  • Makiling Botanic Gardens in Los Baños.

Where can I date in Laguna?

15 Fun & Unique Things to Do in Laguna

  • Travel to the City of Seven Lakes.
  • Go for a Swim at Laresio Resort.
  • Fall for Taytay Falls.
  • Experience Pagsanjan Falls.
  • Bathe in Bato Springs.
  • Family-friendly fun at the Sta. Elena Farm!
  • Pay your respects at Rizal Shrine.
  • Come to the Botanical Gardens.

Is Laguna safe?

Petty crime is a major issue in the cities, but elsewhere, it is generally safe. Crime is not a problem in the tourist attractions when you use common sense. Beware of touts though, especially in tourist hotspots like Pagsanjan or Los Baños. Severe weather is also an issue in Laguna.

How far is Laguna from Manila?

40.3 miles

Where can I swim in Laguna?

Laguna Beach is an ideal swimming destination.

The Best Beaches for Swimming:

  • Aliso Beach.
  • Agate Street Beach.
  • Cleo Street Beach.
  • Diver’s Cove.
  • Fisherman’s Cove.
  • Main Beach.
  • Moss Cove.
  • Mountain Street Beach.

How do you get to Laguna Beach?

Laguna Beach Directions and Maps

  1. FROM THE NORTH: Take the 405 or 5 South, exit Hwy 133 South toward Laguna Beach. …
  2. FROM THE SOUTH: Take the 405 or 5 North, exit Hwy 133 South toward Laguna Beach. …
  3. FROM THE EAST: From the San Gabriel Valley, take the Orange (57) Freeway South to the San Diego (5) Freeway South. …
  4. Driving on the Toll Roads.
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What is the most dangerous city in the Philippines?

Quezon City

What places to avoid in the Philippines?

The following locations carry a higher risk of kidnapping and should be avoided:

  • Sarangani Province.
  • North Cotabato Province.
  • South Cotabato Province.
  • General Santos City.
  • Sultan Kudarat Province.
  • Lanao del Sur Province.
  • Lanao del Norte Province.
  • Iligan City.

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