Monster high laguna blue

What kind of monster is Lagoona Blue?

sea monster

How old is Lagoona Blue from Monster High?

Monster High 13 Wishes Lagoona Blue DollColorMulti-coloredBrandMonster HighItem Dimensions LxWxH9 x 2.75 x 12.75 inchesManufacturer Maximum Age156Manufacturer Minimum Age72

What is Laguna from Monster High?

Lagoona hails from Down Unda — The Great Scarrier Reef, to be exact — but she’s a chill ghoul who can fit in anywhere and with any monster. Lagoona loves to lead an active unlifestyle; she can usually be found fanging 10 in the surf or running on the beach.

Has Monster High been discontinued?

Monster High has been cancelled. … Monster High had close to an eight-year run, which is pretty impressive for a toy line. In 2016, Mattel, in dire financial straits following the loss of the Disney Princesses line to Hasbro, rebooted Monster High and tried to aim it at a younger audience.

Is Lagoona Blue Australian?

Lagoona Blue is the daughter of the sea monster. She has a pet piranha named Neptuna, and is a transfer student from “Down Under” (the sea), hence her Australian accent. Lagoona is as laid-back as she is friendly, and is friends with almost everyone at Monster High.

Who is Cleo de Nile’s mom?


What kind of monster is Twyla?


Who does clawdeen Wolf have a crush on?

Raythe is a 2016-introduced and fiction-only character. Given his name and appearance, he is most likely a wraith. He attends Monster High, being one of its early students. Among the friends he’s made, he’s closest to Deuce Gorgon and has developed a mutual crush on Clawdeen Wolf.

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How old is draculaura?

1,600 years old

What does clawdeen Wolf look like?

Clawdeen’s pet is a female kitten named Crescent that’s described as having amazingly spooky soft purple fur and said in her information “a scary cute little kitten as fuzzy as I am,” but in Crescent’s profile, she claims that Clawdeen’s “almost” as fuzzy as she is.

How old is Cleo from Monster High?

Despite the reboot being a prequel, Cleo is older in the reboot, with her age listed as 6000. This would make her at least 6001 years old in the pre-reboot seasons (her age from 2010-early 2016 was listed as approximately 5842).

Who is the voice of draculaura in Monster High?

Debi DerryberryMonster High: HauntedDee Dee GreenMonster High: Ghouls Rule

What is the most expensive doll in the world?

Is this the creepiest doll you’ve ever seen? This Kammer & Reinhardt doll is now the most expensive doll ever sold. Photo: Bonhams. Bonhams has broken the record for the world’s most expensive doll, selling a rare German Kämmer & Reinhardt character doll for £242,500 ($395,750), reports ArtDaily.

Is Monster High coming back in 2020?

At this year’s New York Toy Fair 2020 edition, Mattel revealed that Monster High is coming back in a line titled “Skullector Dolls 2020”, featuring not just one but two dolls! No info about the dolls except silhouettes have been revealed thus far.

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