2013 boss 302 laguna seca specs

How many Laguna Seca Mustangs were made?

750 Laguna Seca

How much HP does the Boss 302 have?

Ford Boss 302 engineFord Boss 302OutputPower output290 hp (216 kW) @ 5200 rpmSpecific power59.2 hp (44.1 kW)/LiterTorque output290 lb⋅ft (393 N⋅m) @ 4300 rpm

What is the top speed of the Ford Mustang Boss 302?

Performance0 – 40 kph1.7 s0 – 100 mph9.1 sEst. 1/8 mile8.8 s @ 96.3 mph1/4 mile12.3 s @ 117.4 mphTop speed253 kph (157 mph)

How much horsepower does a 2014 Boss 302 have?

444 horsepower

How much is a Boss 302 worth?

The Boss’ on-track chops and well-rounded manners, combined with its limited production numbers, have kept values higher than standard Mustang models, though they still fall under the Boss 429 values. The most valuable Boss 302 would be a 1969 model, which in #1 (Concours) condition has average worth of $135,000.

How many Boss 429 Mustangs are left?

In total there were 1359 original Boss 429s made. The origin of the Boss 429 was to fulfill Ford’s need to homologate the 429 semi-hemispherical engine for NASCAR racing.

Why is the Ford 5.0 called Coyote?

The Coyote Name

Like with many projects, Ford asked for naming suggestions. One of the V8 engineers found a part of Ford history that he thought was special enough that Ford should name their newest engine after it. The first four-valve V8 that Ford made was manufactured in the 1960s for a race car.

Will 351 heads fit a 302?

The 351W heads are the exact same size as 302/289 heads, just have bigger valves and combustion chamber. 302 intake/exhaust manifolds will still fit fine.

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How can I get more power out of my 302?

Install a performance aftermarket cold air intake to replace the Ford 302 factory air intake. Performance air intakes enhance the airflow from the exterior of the vehicle into the engine and also cool the air more efficiently. Having more air and cooler air flowing into your engine increases horsepower and torque.

What’s the difference between Mustang GT and Boss 302?

The Boss 302 isn’t as potent as a brand-new Mustang but is still powered by a 5.0-liter (that’s 302 cubic inches) Coyote V8 producing 444 horsepower (32 hp more than a base Mustang GT) and 380 lb-ft of torque (10 lb-ft less than the standard car) going out through a six-speed manual transmission.

Is a 5.0 the same as a 302?

From the 1978 car model year, the 302 became more commonly known as the 5.0 Liter, although its metric displacement is 4,942 cc (4.9 L; 301.6 cu in). Ford may have used the “5.0” moniker to distinguish the 302 from their 300 cu in (4.9 L) inline six, which was known as the 4.9.

What is the fastest muscle car in the world?

Challenger SRT hellcat

What does the track key do for the Boss 302?

The Track Key PCM software, installed by an authorized Ford dealer after a customer takes delivery of the car, adjusts variable cam timing, spark maps, engine braking, fuel control, throttle response and other engine parameters more than 600 in total to provide a complete race car calibration.

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