Curtis and Mona Post,  2013
I found Mila to be a very confident agent who helped me buy a co-op in Laguna Woods in 2011. I knew nothing about the community and she took the time to help me understand it and its facilities. I bought a co-op that suited my needs completely with her help. When it came time to sell it I asked Mila to help and she jumped right in and made sure that I got the best deal for the unit. I would highly recommend her services.

Tom Inglima,  2013

We had met Mila 2 years ago and even though our parents were not ready to "transact" at the time, we stayed in contact and Mila was very accommodating and patient with us. Earlier this year (2013), we reinvigorated our search and Mila showed us literally hundreds of properties - always looking out for what we needed.  She counseled us and comforted us - with a skill that only a truly warm person with a kind heart can have - when we were outbid by several "cash investors". In the end, Mila has become a true friend of ours, almost like a favorite aunt who really knew what kind of property we needed - so much so, that when one very late evening she found a fleeting opportunity on a house that perfectly matched our wish list - she called us in the evening and we bid on the property - without even seeing it!!!! It was everything we had dreamed of and more! We closed on the property in June of 2013, using all of Mila's contacts (escrow, coop bank, inspectors, etc.) - and we are very happy. We have acquired a lifelong friend, who also happens to be the best real estate agent we had come across! We would highly recommend Mila to anyone! She is simply the best!

Vitaly Lee,  2013

Mila offered to sell our parent's home "as is," or to help us do some replacements/upgrades (carpeting, painting, repairs, etc.) to get a better price.  She said she would get estimates from all contractors and, once plans were in place, she took total responsibility to let them in, oversee and ultimately approve their work. As we lived out of state, it was only Mila's promise to accept these responsibilities that allowed us to go forward with the improvements. She did a great job, as did the contractors she brought in, and we sold the home for a much better price and net gain to our family than if it had been sold "as is." Mila did a great job and deserves very high marks for her work!

Staurt Masters,  2012

Mila was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful with the purchase of our home. She was always prompt in responding to our phone calls and emails and negotiated very well in our behalf. We would definitely work with her again.

Judy Nelson,  December 2013

Mila Piso successfully sold my home in Laguna Woods. She was always professional and she obtained the highest price for my model. Mila communicated regularly and kept me informed of all important matters. You will not find a better realtor or anyone more dedicated to her client. I was very fortunate to have selected Mila as my realtor.

John Ford,  2012

When deciding to sell my mom's co-op in Laguna Woods Village, I spoke with three agents. Mila stood out. She presented the best plan, told me about all the particular rules and regulations of selling property in Laguna Woods. Informed me on what I must do and gave me her plan on what she will do. However, she went well beyond that. Since I did not live locally, she took care of everything she could. Her efforts resulted in a quick sale at a price fair to both buyer and seller. I would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home.

Nicolas Kirshbaum,  2012

We recently worked with Mila to purchase a home for my parents and feel so very fortunate to have found her. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable and prompt to respond to any requests or questions, more importantly she seemed to truly care about the people she was working with and their ultimate satisfaction. Her wisdom and insight were invaluable. She also has wonderful taste and was able to provide several ideas on things to do with the home we purchased without appearing pushy or too opinionated. She is an absolute pleasure and we would recommend her without any hesitation whatsoever

Marcy Field, March 2012

I had never bought home before and was very confused about the whole process.  I had seen a place that I liked but didn’t know what to do next. I called another real estate agent before I called Mila, and that agent was only able to schedule something at an odd hour the next day. I felt the place I liked would go fast, and needed an agent as soon as possible. I saw Mila’s profile and thought she looked like she would be someone that would be easy to work with. I was right. I called her and she was available within an hours notice to show me the place that I had liked.

Within 2 months, I owned the place. She took me through every step of the process, so that what could have been very overwhelming was very manageable. Every referral that Mila gave me was quite professional: from the Loan agency, the Escrow agency and the Inspector who did the private inspection. If Mila recommended them, I knew they were top-notch. Just like she is. I feel very fortunate to have chosen Mila as my real estate agent and have and will continue to recommend her to my friends and relatives.
Thank you Mila!!!

Anne Thorne, March 2012

My mother decided to move into an assisted living facility in Mission Viejo, so she hired Mila to sell her Laguna Woods house. Soon after moving, my mom passed away, which meant that Mila and I would would need to team up to sell her property.

Needless to say, this was a difficult time for the family, but we were so fortunate to have Mila in our corner. Having been involved in only one home sale before, I completely relied on Mila's knowledge of the market as well as her expertise in the selling process. Throughout our months of working together, she often made helpful suggestions and thoroughly explained our options, whether it dealt with pricing strategy, home repairs, or making counter offers.
Twice, our property fell out of excrow, but Mila's positive attitude, tenacity and sense of humor kept us from becoming frustrated. She continued to educate us on the comparable market, and would immediately re-start her efforts via numerous open house weekends. We always felt that she had our best interests at heart.
Small details matter with Mila. When it became evident that minor repairs were required to make the house more viewable, Mila hired the right person for the job, and made sure the work was done properly and at a fair price. Her attention to detail and strong follow-up were quite assuring. She took the "load" off our backs, and that was greatly appreciated.
Mila was an absolute joy to work with. She helped make a difficult time more bearable, and for that, I will always be grateful. Two words sum her up...smart and honest. I probably won't sell the house I live in, but if I ever decided to, I'd call Mila

Michael Little, 2012
Working with Mila was a delight. She is extremely knowledgeable about this community which was essential to find the right buyer. Also, she was always available to answer any questions I might have. I appreciate all the work she did in showing my home, especially in this difficult home-selling market. She is simply the best!

Mary Schmidt, February 2012

We find ourselves saying "Thank you" over and over again to you. However, the words do not express our deep appreciation for all the time you have taken and things you have done for us. We can not imagine how we would have accomplished everything without your guidance,referrals, etc. You have had our best interest in mind throughout the entire process and we are forever grateful. It has been such a pleasure to work with you!

Dave and Lisa Osterman March 29, 2011

"It's hard for me to believe that any other agent could have been as diligent or have provided as comprehensive an analysis as Mila Piso.From the beginning, she was on top of every conceivable aspect of the sale. It was clear that she brings to bear an extremely largeknowledge base regarding the processes, in general, as well as all issues specific to the location and type of property for sale. She worked so hard on my behalf that, at times, I felt that she was working 24/7 for me, alone. She is an enormous advantage to Century 21 and I would look forward to using her services again. I will not hesitate to recommend her to friends should the need arise"

Barry Staum Wed Feb 16, 2011

"We are very happy that you were able to keep the sale together for us. Having been in real estate myself, I know what you went through with that other agent. They are the kind who know nothing, talk loudly and think only about themselves. You as the listing agent had to carry the whole load. Linda and I thank you very much for all the hard work you did. It was not an easy one, and you came through like a champion. Again, thank you for all your good effort. We surely appreciate it."

Ron and Linda Roaks Wed Apr 13, 2011
"Mila is a true professional. She conducted herself with class. She made firm recommendations courteously but with a convincing style. She put a small decorative item in every room of this furnished unit giving it an appearance of elegance. I am thankful for having found her and grateful for her efficient handling of all the details.Century 21 is indeed fortunate to have Mila on your team. "

Joe Iacovo Sun May 29, 2011
My husband, Darwin Hall, and I recently needed to find a realtor to sell his mother’s condominium in Laguna Woods Village. Of course the entire process of moving an elderly relative and clearing out their home can be stressful, and this real estate market makes it all harder. However, we had the luck to have Mila Piso recommended to us and we want to let you know how wonderful she was. She gave us very practical advice about making the home look good, did a most thorough job of sorting out market comparisons, and listened very carefully to our primary needs and goals. As a result, from listing the home in late September, escrow closed a week ago. I should also note that in the middle of this my husband broke his leg, so Mila did more work getting documents (offer, counter offers, etc.) to him and his mother than would usually be the case. We very much appreciate everything she did and would recommend her highly to anyone else looking for an agent.

 Jane Hall , November 23, 2011

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